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Rohit Sharma

Cricket has undergone tremendous changes over time and is now largely considered a gentleman’s sport. With fast-paced action and thrilling games, T20 has become one of the most exciting features of the game in many forms of cricket, attracting spectators from all over the world for a player to score hundreds of runs in this short game.  

Where every ball counts, players show their overall skill, endurance and talent In T20 internationals, batsmen must balance aggression and accuracy under sustained pressure to score a century. Likewise, several batsmen have scored most centuries in ICC World Cup history, which is a great achievement for the players and the teams as well.  

The players who have accomplished this feat have a rare combination of skill and unique personality. Who are those cricketers and what is their T20 game like? Keep reading to know who achieved the highest centuries in T20 International.  

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Players with the Most Centuries in T20 Cricket

In the last 10 years, no format has had a greater impact on cricket than the Twenties. Besides increasing the commercial appeal of cricket, the shortening of the sport brought in new players. Racing at a fast pace in your twenties is important, and a hundred is the most a player can hope to score.  

While many athletes have accomplished this feat, very few have done it incredibly quickly. In T20 cricket, players need to have a combination of pace and accuracy, and scoring a century is a real endorsement of their potential. While many cricketers have reached the century mark, very few have done particularly well again and again. Let’s examine the top 10 century makers in T20 International.  

Top 10 Batsmen with the Most Centuries in T20 International  

Player   Year  Matches  Innings  Highest Score  Strike Rate  100s  Runs 
Luke James Wright  2004-2022  339  315  153  142.93  7  8449 
JC Buttler  2009-2022  315  293  124  144.53  6  8198 
David Warner  2007-2022  325  324  135  141.24  8  10740 
Rohit Sharma  2007-2022  384  371  118  133.35  6  10163 
Shane Watson  2004-2020  343  335  124  138.3  6  8821 
Brendon McCullum  2005-2019  370  364  158  136.49  7  9922 
KL Rahul  2013-2022  187  174  132  137.7  6  6358 
Chris Gayle  2005-2022  463  455  175  144.75  22  14562 
Babar Azam  2012-2022  219  210  122  128.08  6  7880 
Aaron Finch  2009-2022  353  347  172  139.77  8  10585 
Michael Klinger  2006-2019  206  198  126  123.08  8  5960 

Most Centuries in T20 International by Indian Batsmen 

In T20 international cricket Indian batsmen have made a huge impact by showcasing their potential and skills in the shortest format of the game. You guys know, Rohit Sharma sets himself apart from others with his amazing ability to score hundreds and currently holds the record for the player with the most T20I centuries. His unique style of playing the match, and his timing make him a terrifying force on the court.  

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Besides, KL Rahul has also made a great impact on the match, achieving hundreds of runs and putting up amazing displays throughout. The players efforts have not only set Indian team in T20 cricket but also inspired the coming generation of batsmen to focus on their batting just like the great players like Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul. Beyond their achievements, Indian batsmen have contributed to great success in history.  

Therefore, India have become one of the best T20 cricket teams in the world because of their creativity and skill in every situation. The ongoing blend of power and enthusiasm within the team will give them a bright future and good growth in their career. 

Top 5 Indian Batsmen with the most century in T20 International  

Player  Highest Score  Centuries 
Virat Kohli  122*  1 
Rohit Sharma  118  4 
KL Rahul  110*  2 
Suryakumar Yadav  117  4 
Shubman Gill  126*  1 
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The players’ thorough consistency and high scores make them crucial assets to their team. Also, made them top the list of most century in T20 International.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Which Indian player has the most centuries in T20 Internationals? 

Rohit Sharma achieved the most centuries in Twenty20 international cricket.  

In T20 Internationals, which player represents their country the most century, in Twenty20 Internationals?  

These two players, Colin Munro of New Zealand, and Rohit Sharma and Indian batsmen have recorded multiple centuries in T20 Internationals.  

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