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World Cup 2024 Live Streaming- Live Streaming Channels & Apps

world cup live streaming

The event popularly referred to as World Cup is one of the biggest events in the soccer calendar of the world and a live streaming is an interesting facet that is entertaining the fans today. It also indicated that although the technique of live streaming does not confine itself to the Device, the audience, especially those interested in the sport, can follow the progress of the matches in real time using Smartphones, tablets and computers. 

Thus, the Live streaming platforms enhance the relevance and interest of the show due to the availability of additional features, including camera’s view, statistics, and chat. They also provide historical background and other information adding to the context; and they follow the show while remaining behind the curtain so to speak, making the show complete. 

Apart from enjoying the live streaming of the World Cup, fans worldwide engage themselves in cricket betting during T20 matches. 

Hence, Cricket World Cup Live Streaming becomes available to an increasing number of users across the world; more and more people watch, for instance, restricted television broadcasting and high-paid subscriptions. Each time there is development of such things as technology, there are always expectations of future growth of such things as virtual reality that might make the World Cup even more exciting for fans across the world. 

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World Cup Live Streaming App 

world cup live streaming app

Disney+ Hotstar is a top streaming platform in India, known for its excellent World Cup coverage. This is the one of the leading streaming platforms in India that provides an incredible World Cup live stream. The application can broadcast streams in true high-quality standard, with support from almost all portable devices ranging from mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs, and computers among others. It has the services of update in real-time, chatting and multi-commentary thereby enhancing the experience of the aired programs. 

To make up for lost live matches, highlights and full replays are available to the fans for information on any matches which has not been fully aired during the okay with the fans. It also has professional undercards to the match and post-match analysis shows. While some data details are available to every user, others might be available through payment; the paid content in the domain is used in the context of sports frequently. Hence, the simplicity of 1080p and availability of other choices makes it rather suitable for World Cup match streaming on Disney + Hotstar. 

T20 World Cup Live Streaming Channels 

To watch the T20 World Cup match live streaming on television, you can watch on the following channels listed below:  

  • Star Sports Select 2 HD 
  • Star Sports 1 Tamil (HD+SD) 
  • Star Sports 1 HD 
  • Star Sports 1 Telugu (SD+HD) 
  • Star Sports 3 
  • Star Sports First 
  • Star Sports 1 Hindi HD 
  • Star Sports 2 
  • Star Sports Select 2 
  • Maa Gold 
  • Star Sports 1 Kannada 
  • Star Sports 2 HD 
  • Star Sports 1 Telugu (SD+HD) 
  • Suvarna Plus SD 
  • Star Sports 1 
  • Star Sports 1 Hindi 

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Watch Live Streaming of T20 World Cup 2024 in Different Countries 


Streaming App/Channels 



Caribbean Islands 

ESPN Play Caribbean 

USA & Canada 

Willow TV, CricBuzz 

Sri Lanka 

Disney+ Hotstar 

UK & Northern Ireland 

Sky Sports 

Sub-Saharan Africa 

SuperSport DSTV 




StarzON StarzPlay 






Prime Video 


Disney+ Hotstar 

New Zealand 

Sky Sports Now, Sky Go 


Disney+ Hotstar 


Disney+ Hotstar 

Sri Lanka 



Disney+ Hotstar 

ROW (Rest of the World) 


How to Watch World Cup Anywhere Using VPN 

To make you understand how to watch the World Cup using VPN from anywhere, we’re here.  Express VPN which has been used and it is known to be the best particularly when it comes to live-streaming securely the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. It transmits the servers at the speed and with the assurance of the delivery in 105 countries, so that cricket can be watched in HD quality from a nearby server. Also, it has a money back guarantee of one month.  

Below are the three easy steps to follow to watch Cricket World Cup using VPN:  

1.Download the Express VPN, which is ideal for ICC World Cup. It is used alongside a 30 day money back plan, and if you don’t like it then you can get your money back. 

2.Next connect to a server which has the maximum possible speed, leverage the server of one’s geographical location. For example, if you want to watch cricket in Australia; choose a server within Australia, and then, you will need to 9Now account, and you have cricket without intermission through buffering. 

Hurray! You’re ready to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup live. Besides, in case you are streaming from IND, use Disney+ Hotstar login details to watch all the events of world cup live telecast in India.  
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In conclusion, this is precisely clear that the ICC Cricket World Cup can be viewed live online to enjoy comfort and precise direction of the match. Some of them are Disney+ Hotstar for India and 9Now for Australi. Therefore, it is advisable to make use of VPN like express VPN to negate difficulties in form of buffer or any other complications when streaming.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

1.In which Application we can watch live streaming of the World Cup? 

In Disney+Hoststar you can watch the live streaming of the World Cup.  

2.Which channel gives us the live streaming of the T20 World Cup match?

Star Sports is the channel where you can watch the live performance of the World Cup.  

Disclaimer: You will be required to Login to IndiBet to participate in cricket betting during the T20 World Cup matches. 

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