Highest Run-Getters In T20 World Cup Match 

This Table is Updated on 20th June,2024


T20 World Cup 2024 Maximum Runs




Nicholas Pooran


West Indies


R Gurbaz




Andries Gous




Marcus Stoinis




Ibrahim Zadran




Travis Head



ICC T20 World Cup 2024 News

20th June

Babar Azam Sets New Record for Most Runs as Captain in T20 World Cup History, Surpassing Dhoni in PAK vs IRE Match 

Babar Azam broke MS Dhoni’s record for the most runs scored by a captain in the history of the T20 World Cup during the Pakistan vs. Ireland match. Azam’s achievement, which highlights his leadership and balanced play in the T20 format, is a significant turning point. Prior to Azam’s amazing effort in the match against Ireland, the record was held by former Indian captain Dhoni for several years. With this master stroke, Azam’s expounded acquisition of recognition in international cricket is building up.

18th June 2024

Nicholas Pooran Surpasses Chris Gayle to Become West Indies’ Highest T20 Run-Getter 

Nicholas Pooran made cricket history in the West Indies by overhauling the great Chris Gayle to become the country’s all-time greatest T20 run scorer in an exciting T20 tournament. With his amazing effort, Pooran broke the record and displayed his expertise and constancy at the crease.

Moreover, he effortlessly handled the opponents bowling attack during his innings, which were a masterstroke in aggressive yet steady batting. This achievement, which happened in recent days in 2024, opens a new chapter in Pooran’s career and leads in a new age for West Indies in T20 cricket. 

13th June 2024

Nicholas Pooran Sets New Record as Highest Run Scorer for West Indies 

Nicholas Pooran has achieved a historic breakthrough by excelling in all previous West Indies T20 International scorers. His outstanding performance throughout the match in the T20 World Cup demonstrates his extraordinary talent and dependability, making his position an important player of the West Indies cricket team.  
Nicholas lift to this milestone has been characterized by a string of exceptional innings that show his ability in different matches. Fans appreciate his unprecedented accomplishment, acknowledging the commitment and diligence that led to his victory. Pooran’s performance is going to be vital to the West Indies’ chances of winning the World Cup as they continue their campaign. 

12th June 2024

Rahmanullah Gurbaz is a Leading Run Scorer in T20 World Cup 2024 with 156 Runs 

Rahmanullah Gurbaaz proved to be the most prolific run-scorer in the Twenty20 World Cup 2024, where he displayed his outstanding batting ability throughout the tournament, He showed consistency and prowess at the crease of the season, he topped the list with an impressive total of 156 runs. 

Moreover, with his ability to produce big innings under pressure, Gurbaaz’s performance was vital to his team’s campaign. So, apart from Gurbaaz’s talent showcased through his flexibility, technique and ability to score quickly and efficiently against different bowling schemes, this promotion cements his place in young wear play big in T20 cricket. 

11th June 2024

David Miller Climbs to 8th Spot  

David Miller has ranked eighth among all players in the Twenty20 World Cup 2024. Miller has showed his skills and consistency with a chain of amazing performances that have carved his name among the top batsmen in the tournament.  

Therefore, his most recent achievement, which happened on June 10, highlights the significant role he had in his team’s campaign and how much it improved their performance in the match.  

7th June 2024

Babar Azam Surpasses Virat Kohli as the Leading T20 Run Scorer 

Babar Azam has surpassed Virat Kohli to become the highest run-scorer in Twenty20 Internationals, showcasing his ability to score consistently and effectively in international competition. Compared to Kohli’s 4038 runs after 110 innings, Babar Azam’s current score is 4067  from 113 innings. 

Hence, this achievement makes Azam one of the best batsmen in modern cricket, raising expectations across the globe and creating excited supporters 

6th June 2024

David Warner’s Shatter Records, Becomes Australia’s All-time Leading T20 Run-Scorer 

David Warner has become the prominent run scorer for Australia in Twenty20 internationals, leaving his name on cricket history. Warner’s achievement is proof of his ability and dedication.  

He is prominent for his balanced play and passionate batting. His determining contribution to Australia’s T20 victory throughout the years is highlighted by this performance. Therefore, cricket players in the coming times will be inspired by Warner’s spectacular win. 

5th June 2024

Ireland’s Batting Coach Confidence Before T20 World Cup Match against India  

Garry Wilson, Ireland’s batting skipper, is expectant about his team’s keenness for T20 World Cup 2024 for their opening match in opposition to India. However, their previous performances in the matches gave them belief as the match made them win over Pakistan. Wilson is still full of hope about winning a historic battle.  

He said he had certain strategies for every Indian player. Moreover, Wilson focused hi attention on Ireland’s capabilities while acknowledging India’s strength.  

He thinks Ireland can bombshell everyone if they take the actual approach. The Ireland team is anxious and all set for the task. 

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