Most Fours in IPL Innings

Boundaries are the lifeblood of T20 cricket, injecting adrenaline and excitement into every match. In the glitzy world of the Indian Premier League, the race for the most fours is a testament to batsmen’s prowess and timing. From elegant drives to ferocious cuts, IPL has witnessed an array of breathtaking strokes that find the fence with alarming regularity. 

From the explosive power of Andre Russell to the classical elegance of Shikhar Dhawan, these cricketers have mastered the art of finding gaps and punishing loose deliveries. Teams like CSK and KKR are known for their boundary-hitting capabilities, with players like Virat Kohli hitting many boundaries in the league. Each boundary represents a moment of exhilaration for fans and a testament to the batsman’s skill and precision. 

Moreover, “Virat Kohli, often referred to as the Baap of IPL, continues to showcase his remarkable batting prowess by topping the charts for the most fours in an innings in IPL 2024.” 

Most fours in an IPL innings by a team  

Throughout the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) history, several teams, including the kings of the league like Chennai Super Kings, Punjab Kings, and Mumbai Indians, have had outstanding batting performances, characterized by a high number of fours in an innings. Several franchises have produced some of the most memorable performances among them, with Punjab Kings’ Shikhar Dhawan leading the charge with the most number of fours in the league’s history. 

Teams have always tried to dominate with lengthy, boundary-filled innings, from the Mumbai Indians’ constant assaults to the Kolkata Knight Riders’ powerful hitting displays, and the Punjab Kings’ memorable batting performances. Get a detailed view of the teams from the table below. 

Player  Opp  4s  Runs  Balls  SR  Venue  Date 
AB de Villiers (RCB)  MI  19  133*  59  225.42  Mumbai  10-May-15 
Paul Valthaty (KXIP)  CSK  19  120*  63  190.47  Mohali  13-Apr-11 
Michael Lumb (RR)  KXIP  16  83  43  193.02  Jaipur  7-Apr-10 
Ajinkya Rahane (RR)  KXIP  16  98  66  148.48  Jaipur  6-Apr-12 
Devon Conway (CSK)  PBKS  16  92*  52  176.92  Chennai  30-Apr-23 
Yashasvi Jaiswal (RR)  MI  16  124  62  200  Mumbai  30-Apr-23 
Murali Vijay (CSK)  DD  15  113  58  194.82  Chennai  25-May-12 
GJ Maxwell (KXIP)  CSK  15  95  43  220.93  Abu Dhabi  18-Apr-14 
Q de Kock (DD)  RCB  15  108  51  211.76  Bangalore  17-Apr-16 
SS Iyer (DD)  GL  15  96  57  168.42  Kanpur  10-May-17 
Mahela Jayawardene (KXIP)  KKR  14  110*  59  186.44  Kolkata  4-Apr-10 
KD Karthik (MI)  DD  14  86  48  179.16  Mumbai  9-Apr-13 
Sikhar Dhawan (DC)  KXIP  14  95*  57  166.66  Dharamsala  21-May-11 
V Sehwag (DD)  DC  13  119  56  212.5  Hyderabad  5-May-11 
Kumar Sangakkara (KXIP)  MI  13  94  56  167.85  Mohali  25-Apr-08 
Mahela Jayawardene (KXIP)  DC  13  93*  62  150  Dharamsala  16-Apr-10 
V Sehwag (DD)  MI  13  95*  62  166.66  Mumbai  21-Apr-13 
Suryakumar Yadav (MI)  SRH  13  82  40  205  Abu Dhabi  8-Oct-21 
Moden Ali  CSK  13  93  57  163.15  Brabourne  20-May-22 

Most Fours in IPL Innings History (2024-2008)   

IPL 2024 is going strong right now. The Indian Premier League is well-known for its exciting batting matches, when players may score enormously high totals in a short number of overs. We’ll talk about one of the greatest team scores in IPL history today, which spans from 2008 to 2024. 

Three times this Indian Premier League 2024 season, SRH has surpassed its record. Similarly, teams like LSG and RCB have also showcased their prowess, contributing to the high-scoring innings with remarkable batting performances. 

Rank  Team  Total Score  Against  Year  Location 
1  Sunrisers Hyderabad  277/3  Royal Challengers Bengaluru  2024  Bengaluru 
2  Sunrisers Hyderabad  287/3  Mumbai Indians  2024  Hyderabad 
3  Kolkata Knight Riders  272/7  Delhi Capitals  2024  Visakhapatnam 
4  Sunrisers Hyderabad  266/7  Delhi Capitals  2024  Delhi 
5  Royal Challengers Bengaluru  263/5  Pune Warriors India  2013  Bengaluru 
6  Royal Challengers Bengaluru  262/7  Sunrisers Hyderabad  2024  Bengaluru 
7  Lucknow Super Giants  257/5  Punjab Kings  2023  Mohali 
8  Royal Challengers Bengaluru  248/5  Gujarat Lions  2016  Bengaluru 
9  Chennai Super Kings  246/5  Rajasthan Royals  2010  Chennai 
10  Mumbai Indians  246/5  Sunrisers Hyderabad  2024  Hyderabad 
11  Kolkata Knight Riders  245/5  Punjab Kings  2018  Indore 
12  Chennai Super Kings  240/5  Punjab Kings  2008  Mohali 
13  Royal Challengers Bengaluru  235/1  Mumbai Indians  2015  Mumbai 
14  Mumbai Indians  235/9  Sunrisers Hyderabad  2021  Abu Dhabi 
15  Chennai Super Kings  235/4  Kolkata Knight Riders  2023  Kolkata 
16  Mumbai Indians  234/5  Delhi Capitals  2024  Wankhede 
17  Gujarat Titans  233/3  Mumbai Indians  2023  Ahmedabad 
18  Kolkata Knight Riders  232/2  Mumbai Indians  2019  Kolkata 
19  Punjab Kings  232/2  Royal Challengers Bengaluru  2011  Dharamshala 
20  Daredevils  231/4  Punjab Kings  2011  Delhi 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   

1.How is the IPL 2024 “Most Fours” statistic determined?   

It is calculated by adding up all the boundaries a player struck during the competition.  

2.Who is the current IPL 2024 record holder for the most fours? 

View the most recent statistics for the player who has made the most fours. 

3.Who has the most 4s in IPL? 

Shikhar Dhawan has smacked the most number of fours in the IPL. 

4.Which team has the highest score in IPL 2024? 

Royal Challengers has the highest score in IPL 2024.  

5.Who hit the most sixes in IPL 2024? 

Sunrisers Hyderabad has the most sixes in IPL.  

6.Which is the lowest score in IPL? 

The lowest score in IPL 2024 has been Mumbai Indians. 

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