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King Of IPL in 2024-Bowling And Batting King of IPL

King of IPL

Are you also wondering, who is the king of IPL? You are at the right place! Cricket enthusiasts throughout the world eagerly await the Indian Premier League (IPL) each year. In addition to showcasing the finest cricket players, this tournament introduces us to players competing for the title of “king of IPL” 2024. There has always been debate among fans over who is the undisputed IPL monarch. They discussed bowling, hitting and many more.  But as the IPL is always changing, a new player has emerged for the throne of the king of IPL. Those are: 

Run Scored in IPL

Virat Kohli (RCB)


The King of IPL History

The popularity and the obsession enclosing the IPL is such that a sell-off is held each year for groups to fine-tune their group combinations. Every year, the IPL goes a long way in deciding the longer-term course of activity for players as well as their international groups. Over the final 15 a long time, Mumbai Indians have developed to become the foremost effective franchise in IPL history winning the title a record five times, making Rohit Sharma the foremost tip-top captain within the association. MS Dhoni, who has driven Chennai Super Kings to four IPL wins. KKR have won the trophy once, whereas Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rajasthan Royals and Gujarat Titans have also lifted the trophy once.

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MS Dhoni Chennai Super Kings 
Rohit Sharma Mumbai Indians 

Sixer Kings in IPL (2008-2023)  

Being a cricket fan, sixer means a lot to every cricket lover out there. Here we’ll discuss the Sixer Kings in IPL history from 2008 to 2023. The tournament is one of the most productive sports leagues in the world and is known for its exceptionally enriched batting. Fans love it when they see a Sixer shower in the stadium. 

Player Mat SR 100 6s 
CH Gayle (KKR/KXIP/PBKS/RCB) 142 148.96 6 357 
RG Sharma (DC/MI) 244 130.15 1 258 
AB de Villiers (DC/RCB) 184 151.68 3 251 
MS Dhoni (CSK/RPS) 251 135.91  239 
V Kohli (RCB) 239 130.16 7 237 
DA Warner (DC/SRH) 177 139.9 4 228 
KA Pollard (MI) 189 147.32  223 
SK Raina (CSK/GL) 205 136.73 1 203 
AD Russell (DC/KKR) 113 175.54  200 
SR Watson (CSK/RCB/RR) 145 137.91 4 190 
SV Samson (DC/RR) 153 137.56 3 188 
RV Uthappa (CSK/KKR/MI/PWI/RCB/RR) 205 130.35  182 
AT Rayudu (CSK/MI) 204 127.54 1 173 
KL Rahul (KXIP/LSG/PBKS/RCB/SRH) 119 134.38 4 170 
GJ Maxwell (DC/KXIP/MI/RCB) 126 157.25  158 
YK Pathan (KKR/RR/SRH) 174 142.97 1 158 
JC Buttler (MI/RR) 97 148.21 5 149 
Yuvraj Singh (DC/KXIP/MI/PWI/RCB/SRH) 132 129.71  149 
S Dhawan (DC/MI/PBKS/SRH) 219 127.16 2 149 
F du Plessis (CSK/RCB/RPS) 132 134.07  145 
KD Karthik (DC/GL/KKR/KXIP/MI/RCB) 244 133.23  143 
N Rana (KKR/MI) 106 134.94  131 
BB McCullum (CSK/GL/KKR/Kochi/RCB) 109 131.74 2 130 
RR Pant (DC) 99 147.9 1 129 
DA Miller (GT/KXIP/RR) 122 138.23 1 126 

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Kohli King of IPL-Virat Kohli Career Records And Stats

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the king of IPL (Indian Premier League). Although the former Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper is yet to win a title, his individual IPL records win one and all. Hundreds of players and 13 franchises have participated in the IPL over the years. The mesmerizing cricket league has seen several kings, be it the captain, the team or the impressive performance of the player. Many players like Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni, David Warner and others have shown excellent performances. These players have a huge fan base, and they all deserve to be called the king of IPL.

Bowling King of IPL 2024

Every batsman’s nightmare, the yorker is not every bowler’s cup of tea and requires a lot of practice. If gone wrong, the delivery can turn into a full-toss and the bowler will likely be hit for a boundary. Although difficult to execute perfectly, we have seen several yorkers bowled in the Indian Premier League over the last 13 years, bamboozling the best of batsmen and adding a lot of excitement to the game.  But who is known as the bowling king in IPL? Well, Jasprit Bumrah of Mumbai Indians recorded as the best bowling king of IPL in 2024. Moreover, below is the list of bowlers of the past years.

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Player (Team)Wickets
YS Chahal (MI/RCB/RR)187
DJ Bravo (CSK/GL/MI)183
PP Chawla (CSK/KKR/KXIP/MI)179
A Mishra (DC/LSG/SRH)173
R Ashwin (CSK/DC/KXIP/RPS/RR)171
SL Malinga (MI)170
B Kumar (PWI/SRH)170
SP Narine (KKR)163
RA Jadeja (CSK/GL/Kochi/RR)152
Harbhajan Singh (CSK/KKR/MI)150

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. Who holds the title of “King of IPL”? 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is called the King of IPL.  

  1. As a captain, how many IPL championships has the “King of IPL” won? 

Four IPL championships have been won by Chennai Super Kings skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  

  1. In the most exciting IPL final, whose side did the “King of IPL” lead to victory? 

In the 2018 IPL final, Sunrisers Hyderabad was defeated by the Chennai Super Kings, captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  


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