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Fastest Players to Score 10000 T20 Runs

Babar Azam

Surpassing the 10,000-run mark in T20 cricket stands as a monumental achievement within the realm of the sport. Babar Azam has etched his name in history by securing the record for the fastest sprint to this remarkable milestone, outpacing the legendary Chris Gayle. 

Alongside Azam, renowned players such as Virat Kohli, David Warner, and Jos Buttler grace the illustrious list, each contributing to the narrative of T20 cricket’s evolution and excellence. Completing 10,000 T20 runs symbolizes a pinnacle moment in a batter’s career, underscoring their prowess and endurance in the fast-paced and dynamic format of the game.

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Fastest Players to complete 10000 T20 runs

PlayerNationalityInnings (Matches)
Babar AzamPakistan271 (281)
Chris GayleJamaican285 (290)
Virat KohliIndian299 (314)
David WarnerAustralian303 (304)
Aaron FinchAustralian327 (332)
Jos ButtlerJamaican350 (372)

1. Babar Azam – 271 Innings

In February 2024, Babar Azam joined an elite group of Pakistani batters by becoming the second player, following in the footsteps of Shoaib Malik, to surpass the 10,000-run mark in T20 cricket. Achieving this milestone in just 271 innings, the right-handed batsman cemented his status as the fastest player to reach 10,000 T20 runs, surpassing the longstanding record held by Chris Gayle.

2. Chris Gayle – 285 Innings

Chris Gayle, the all-time leading run-scorer in T20 cricket, secured the distinction of being the inaugural player to achieve the 10,000-run milestone in the format. The left-handed batsman from the Caribbean accomplished this extraordinary feat in 285 T20 innings. For an extended period, he held the record for the fastest accumulation of 10,000 T20 runs until Babar Azam, the star from Pakistan, eclipsed it in February 2024.

3. Virat Kohli – 299 Innings

Virat Kohli became the pioneer among Indian batters to achieve the significant milestone of 10,000 runs in T20 cricket. The right-handed Indian batsman accomplished this feat in 299 innings, positioning him as the third fastest player to reach this notable milestone.

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4. David Warner – 303 Innings

David Warner, the formidable Australian opening batsman, stands out as one of the exceptional left-handed players capable of dictating the game’s pace with his batting prowess. Remarkably, he holds the distinction of being the fastest Australian to reach the milestone of 10,000 T20 runs, achieving this feat in just 303 innings.

5. Aaron Frinch – 327 Innings

Aaron Finch, a right-handed batter, stands as another formidable Australian cricketer who has excelled in white-ball cricket. Formerly David Warner’s potent opening partner, Finch achieved the milestone of 10,000 T20 runs in December 2021, requiring 327 T20 innings to reach this impressive feat.

6. Jos Butler – 350 Innings

Jos Buttler, an English cricketer, holds a prominent place in the annals of modern English cricket history. Renowned for his aggressive batting style, Buttler has been a dominant force in the white-ball format, capable of swiftly altering the course of a game. In June 2023, Buttler achieved the milestone of 10,000 T20 runs, accomplishing this remarkable feat in his 350th T20 innings.

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  1. What is the significance of reaching 10,000 T20 runs?

  • It signifies exceptional skill, consistency, and longevity in T20 cricket, showcasing a player’s impact on their team’s success.
  1. Who holds the record for the fastest 10,000 T20 runs?

  • Babar Azam holds the record, achieving it in just 271 innings, surpassing Chris Gayle’s previous milestone.
  1. Who are some notable players among the fastest to reach 10,000 T20 runs?

  • Players like Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, David Warner, Aaron Finch, and Jos Buttler feature prominently among the fastest to achieve this milestone.
  1. What distinguishes Babar Azam’s achievement in reaching 10,000 T20 runs?

  • Azam’s accomplishment in 271 innings is remarkable, underscoring his talent and consistency in T20 cricket, surpassing legendary players’ records.

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