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World Cup Stump Price 2024: A Detailed Overview

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In the world of cricket, every piece of equipment is necessary, and one of which we will be discussing here is the Stump. What is the price of World Cup Stump 2024?  Therefore, the LED stumps used in World Cup matches, like those in the 2023 ODI World Cup, are quite overpriced.  

The set of the stump costs around 40 lakh INR. This elevated price is because of the ultra-modern technology in the stumps that makes them glow when touched. This helps the umpires make precise and fair decisions of the game.  

Hardik Pandya, an Indian cricket player, has very few wickets taken by stumpings throughout his career. Pandya is known for his fast-medium bowling and batting skills. In the World Cup tournament, stumpings be likely to happen more frequently with spin bowlers, thus players like Hardik Pandya are exceptionally rare. 

Likewise, Harbhajan Singh had 2 of the 417 test wickets that he has taken by being stumped. 

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Introduction to LED Stumps  

Cricket is one of the emerging sports and after the establishment of LED cricket stumps, mainly in major tournaments like the World Cup. The stumps give the viewer optic diversion and give match dominance a required detail.  

Well, people interested in the match are often curious about the price of these highly futuristic led stumps. Though there are several insights of this element that hold its price, manufacturing, masterminding, technology. Therefore, this article will give you an exploration into the price of LED stumps used in World Cup in India.  

Well, the significance of stumps is that it makes the stumping decision clearer and provides full coverage of the match (day and night). These stumps are like the pulsation of the cricket field, showing how cricket is getting more modernized and better all the time. 

What is the Price of the LED Stumps Used in World Cup in Rupees?  

The price of LED stumps used in World Cup can fluctuate from Rs. 25 Lakhs to Rs. 30 Lakhs, while the exact price is unspecified. Besides, the foremost aspects that decide the specific cost of LED-stump equipment are; the maker, technology level, outline, and the advanced sensing apparatus in the stumps.  

Well, have you ever thought about when LED Stumps were used for the first time in World Cup?  Well, to answer your question let’s move ahead without further ado.  

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When Were LED Stumps First Used in the World Cup?  

The 2014 ICC World T20 cricket tournament introduced LED stumps. They now often appear in extensive white-ball matches like ODIs and franchise T20 tournaments. However, when the ball hits one of these stumps, inbuild LED lights light up immediately.  

Whereas the sparkling light of the LED stumps increases the spectator experience and adds to the display of the game. Eventually, they modified cricket technology and inoculated present-time matches with an amazing element. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. How much is the World Cup Stumps price in India?

The price of LED Stumps ranges between rupees 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs respectively. 

  1. How do LED Stumps function?

There are sensors called tactile which are attached at the end of the bails and on top of the stumps. While the sensors get activated and lose contact with each other, as a result the inbuild LED light glows.  

  1. How many Stumps are there?

Set of three stumps are there in total.  

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