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The World Cup is the greatest tournament in the exciting sphere of T20 cricket, where players perform and try to win. But what is the most ducks in the T20 World Cup? A member of the team that is out without any addition to the total score then is referred to as a ‘duck’ and this is a statistic that is fancied by the fans. Moreover, when dealing with the most skilled opponents who can miss under pressure, ducks can explain how challenging the sport is.

Therefore, as exciting as the strong matches are, even the best players will be able to be defeated in a game while at the same time they themselves bring along with them a certain element of unpredictability. Considering the dynamic and acute T20 Online betting, it is possible to make conclusions about the obstacles that the players face by using the number of ducks as the indicator.  

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Top 6 Players Who Scored Golden Ducks in T20 World Cup (2007-2024) 

Many Indian cricketers have had the misfortune of being dismissed on their first ball delivery in T20 World Cup which as we all know is a very action packed fast breathless event. This is one of the rare and sad incidents in the cricketing world which show the stress and the unpredictability of the shortest form of the game. Here are some details about the Indian cricketers who achieved the golden ducks in T20 World Cup-  

Dinesh Kartik

During the T20 World Cup 2007, he was considered a bowling all-rounder and had to face the pink slip and be dismissed at no ball. The real nature of the tournament and the significant amount of pressure that comes, was brought into perspective when he was dismissed without scoring on the very first ball that faced him.

Murali Vijay

 Last year in the T20 World Cup he got rid of for a duck which is hard to forget for a cricketer. Although he earned a superb victory in his home matches along with overwhelming technical performance, they got rid of him in the opening ball and the international space did not become easy for him.

Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina, who is widely reputed as a formidable batsman and as a brilliant fielder is an important player in the Indian middle order; however, he had an unfortunate 2016 T20 World Cup with zero scores. The first bad sign came when Raina was dismissed for the first ball, he faced kind of extinguishing the team spirit showing that even those with lots of experience can screw up in this format. 

Rohit Sharma

The particular event which took place in the T20 World Cup in 2021 reveal that Rohit Sharma is one of the famous Indian players who has played both as an opener and a floater and he has been very stable performer in the white ball cricket but unfortunately he got a ridiculous dismissal without even being able to open his account.  

Ravindra Jadeja

Included as an all-round man who is famous for fielding, batting, as well as bowling, Ravindra Jadeja was brought for a duck in the T20 world cup edition of 2024. This event enabled the cricket world to discover just how close Twenty20 cricket could be that the distinction could be made and/or reversed with a ball.

Jasprit Bumrah

 Even the Indian primary fast bowler, Jasprit Bumrah with his team was washed out in the 2024 T20 World Cup in the golden duck category only. This was evident especially in a situation where Bumrah went for a duck.  

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Most Ducks in T20 International by Teams 

There are several teams who have the most ducks and below the table gives a detailed overview of the most ducks in T20 international by teams 

Team Most Ducks 
Bangladesh 92 
Afghanistan 82 
Ireland 75 
South Africa 74 
India 70 
New Zealand 65 
Pakistan 88 
West Indies 87 
Sri Lanka 85 
Zimbabwe 83 
England 63 
Australia 59 
Scotland 54 
Nepal 46 
UAE 40 
Netherlands 36 
Hong Kong 35 
Oman 31 
Papua New Guinea 29 
Canada 24 

Most Ducks in T20 World Cup History 

Pos Player Innings Ducks Avg SR Runs HS Team 
1 George Dockrell 8 4 14.28 111.11 100 39* Ireland 
2 Roelof van der Merwe 13 4 2 46.66 14 6 South Africa 
3 Sanath Jayasuriya 18 4 21.62 121.4 346 88 Sri Lanka 
4 Calum McLeod 11 4 8.45 77.5 93 25 Scotland 
5 Lendl Simmons 14 4 26.07 118.53 339 82* West Indies 
6 Luke Wright 20 4 25.82 142.53 439 99* England 
7 Shahid Afridi 32 5 18.82 154.23 546 54* Pakistan 
8 T. Dilshan 34 5 30.93 124.06 897 96* Sri Lanka 
9 Andre Russell 18 4 13.8 135.29 138 43* West Indies 
10 Ashish Nehra 3 3 0 0 0 0 India 

 Therefore, the T20 World Cup’s high duck rate highlights how unpredictable cricket’s shortest format can be.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How much does India have the most ducks in T20 International? 

The total 70 ducks India has as the most ducks in T20 International World Cup.  

Who scored a golden duck in T20 World Cup in the year 2007?  

Dinesh Kartik achieved a golden duck in the year 2007.  

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