Most Four Wicket in T20 World Cup 2024

Virat Kohli

Let’s discuss the bowlers who have claimed the most four-wicket totals in the T20 World Cup throughout the Twenty20 World Cup. It can significantly alter the course of the game to take four wickets in a single match. We will examine the performances of these bowlers and observe how they have significantly impacted the competition.  

Join us as we cheer for these bowling stars who’ve shown their magic on the T20 World Cup stage! 

Current Player’s Performance Snapshot: Runs and Wickets 

T20 World Cup players Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, who are renowned for their batting abilities, have also made an impact with the ball. Throughout the campaign, Kohli has amassed 765 runs and claimed four wickets while making a major contribution. With 597 runs under his belt, Rohit Sharma has similarly demonstrated his bowling ability by taking four wickets.  

They can contribute more to the T20 World Cup than just batting or bowling because of their dual skill set. To further emphasize the dynamic nature of T20 cricket, several other players have reached comparable milestones.

ICC Cricket World Cup Most Fours 2023 

1 Virat Kohli IND 68 765 11 11 
2 Rohit Sharma IND 66 597 11 11 
3 Quinton de Kock SA 57 594 10 10 
4 Rachin Ravindra NZ 55 578 10 10 
5 Devon Conway NZ 54 372 10 10 
6 Dawid Malan ENG 50 404 9 9 
7 David Warner AUS 50 535 11 11 
8 Daryl Mitchell NZ 48 552 10 9 
9 Pathum Nissanka SL 44 332 9 9 
10 Aiden Markram SA 44 406 10 10 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q.1 In T20 World Cup history, who player has taken the most four wickets?  

The player with the most four-wicket hauls in T20 World Cup history is Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi.  

Q.2 In T20 World Cup matches, how many four wickets Rachin Ravindra claimed?  

In T20 World Cup matches, Rachin Ravindra has claimed Fifty-five-wicket hauls. 

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