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Most Hat- Tricks in ODI Cricket Match

A bowler’s expertise, perfection, and capacity for high-pressure play are depicted by this unusual achievement. Thus, a bowler can twist the game in their team’s favor by taking frequent wickets in a row with successive deliveries in ODI cricket and this was an iconic cricket moment.    

If we talk about the player who holds the record for the most hat tricks by a player in ODI cricket history, Lasith Malinga will be the first on the list.  He is an exclusive player and a creative bowler from Sri Lanka. However, he is well known in the cricket world for his remarkable performances and ability to perform at crucial times. 

Moreover, the top ODI cricket hat-tricks holders who have scored hat-tricks will be discussed in this article. So, let’s get started!  

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Top 5 Cricketers with most Hat-Tricks in ODI Cricket  

1.Wasim Akram –

A Pakistani bowler who is known as one of the best fast bowlers in cricket history. He is among the best ODI hat-trick takers. His amazingly swing bowling generated desolation for a lot of batsmen and brought him wickets in bunches. Likewise, there are more famous bowlers in ODI cricket with multiple hat tricks.  

2.Lasith Malinga – 

This player from Sri Lanka clenches the record for most hat-tricks in ODI cricket, with an incredible total of three hat-tricks he has grown himself as a brilliant player in limited-overs cricket due to his habit to take wickets in groups. Moreover, he is known for his irregular bowling style as well.   

3.Trent Boult –

In One Day, International cricket, he is one of the contemporary players to have achieved two hat-tricks. Boult has been a significant wicket-taker for New Zealand in limited-overs cricket due to his outstanding bowling ability 

3.Saqlain Mushtaq –

 He has two hat-tricks in ODI cricket and is prominent for popularizing the “doosra,” Saqlain was a master of spin bowling. He also played an important role in Pakistan’s cricket during 1990s and early 2000s. Saqlain’s skill has significantly influenced the art of spin bowling, earning him a legacy in the sport.  

4.Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka) –

One of the most successful bowlers in Sri Lankan cricket history, has two hat-tricks to his record in One-Day Internationals. Vaas was famous for his ability to swing the ball quickly in both directions, often causing problems for batters with his accuracy and strength. Besides, his ability to swing the ball both ways made him a terrifying opponent.   

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Top 5 Hat Tricks of One Day International (ODI) History 

Sr. No. 





Bruce Reid 

New Zealand 

BR Blair, EB McSweeney, SR Gillespie  


Chetan Sharma 

New Zealand  

KR Rutherford, IDS Smith, EJ Chatfield  


Wasim Akram 


MG Hughes, CG Rackemann, TM Alderman  




RW Marsh, B Yardley, GF Lawson  


Wasim Akram 

West Indies 

PJL Dujon, MD Marshall, CEL Ambrose  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Who has the most hat-trick records in ODI cricket? 

Sri Lankan Lasith Malinga now holds the record for most in ODI cricket with three hat-tricks.  

When did Lasith Malinga achieve his first hat-trick in an ODI match? 

Malinga got his first hat-trick in an ODI against South Africa on July 28, 2007.  

Which team did Lasith Malinga score a hat-trick against in his second ODI? 

Malinga scored his second ODI hat-trick against Kenya on March 1, 2011, at the ICC Cricket World Cup,  

In how many ball deliveries did Lasith Malinga secure his fastest-ever ODI hat-trick? 

Malinga achieved his fastest ODI hat-trick against Kenya in just three deliveries on March 1, 2011, at the Cricket ICC World Cup.  

In which year did Lasith Malinga finalize a hat-trick in the ODIs? 

On January 22, 2017, Malinga completed his third ODI hat-trick in opposition to Bangladesh.

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