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T20 World Cup

Australia, India, and South Africa hold the records for the highest team scores in the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup as of 2023.

The ICC ODI Cricket World Cup, held every four years, is back with another thrilling edition featuring dramatic chases, high scores, and outstanding bowling performances. One-day internationals are the preferred format for many cricket fans because they strike a balance between the technicality of Test cricket and the fast pace of Twenty20. ODI matches, lasting just one day, provide great entertainment for families, especially during holidays.

Highest Team Scores in World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the pinnacle of ODI cricket, showcasing some of the most exceptional batting talents in the world. The influence of T20 cricket has led to more high-scoring games in ODIs, and the World Cup has seen its share of these explosive matches.

In 2023, South Africa set a new record for the highest team score in World Cup history, putting up an impressive 428/5 against Sri Lanka. This score also stood as the highest in ODIs at the time. A key highlight of this innings was Aiden Markram’s rapid century, the fastest in World Cup history.

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Highest Team Scores in T20 Cricket  World Cup History( 2008-2024)

Team Score Overs RR Inns Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
Sri Lanka 260/6 20 13 1 v Kenya Johannesburg 14-Sep-07 T20I # 27
England 230/8 19.4 11.69 2 v South Africa Wankhede 18-Mar-16 T20I # 540
South Africa 229/4 20 11.45 1 v England Wankhede 18-Mar-16 T20I # 540
India 218/4 20 10.9 1 v England Durban 19-Sep-07 T20I # 40
South Africa 211/5 20 10.55 1 v Scotland The Oval 07-Jun-09 T20I # 94
India 210/2 20 10.5 1 v Afghanistan Abu Dhabi 03-Nov-21 T20I # 1390
South Africa 209/5 20 10.45 1 v Afghanistan Wankhede 20-Mar-16 T20I # 542
South Africa 208/2 17.4 11.77 2 v West Indies Johannesburg 11-Sep-07 T20I # 20
West Indies 205/6 20 10.25 1 v South Africa Johannesburg 11-Sep-07 T20I # 20
West Indies 205/4 20 10.25 1 v Australia Colombo (RPS) 05-Oct-12 T20I # 288
South Africa 205/5 20 10.25 1 v Bangladesh Sydney 27-Oct-22 T20I # 1847
Pakistan 201/5 20 10.05 1 v Bangladesh Eden Gardens 16-Mar-16 T20I # 536
England 200/6 20 10 2 v India Durban 19-Sep-07 T20I # 40
New Zealand 200/3 20 10 1 v Australia Sydney 22-Oct-22 T20I # 1839
New Zealand 198/5 20 9.9 1 v Ireland Nottingham 11-Jun-09 T20I # 102
Australia 197/7 19.5 9.93 2 v Pakistan Gros Islet 14-May-10 T20I # 176
West Indies 196/3 19.4 9.96 2 v India Wankhede 31-Mar-16 T20I # 556
England 196/5 20 9.8 1 v Afghanistan Colombo (RPS) 21-Sep-12 T20I # 268
South Africa 196/5 20 9.8 1 v England Chattogram 29-Mar-14 T20I # 391
Sri Lanka 195/3 20 9.75 1 v West Indies Bridgetown 07-May-10 T20I # 166

High-scoring matches are thrilling to witness and highlight the best aspects of ODI cricket. Notably, the top five highest team scores in the World Cup have all been recorded in the last decade, indicating that the game is evolving and batsmen are becoming increasingly aggressive and dominant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the highest team score in T20 World Cup history?

Answer: The highest team score in T20 World Cup history is 260/6, achieved by Sri Lanka against Kenya during the 2007 T20 World Cup.

Q.2 Which team scored the highest total in the T20 World Cup?

Answer: Sri Lanka holds the record for the highest total scored in the T20 World Cup, with their 260/6 against Kenya in 2007.

Q.3 Have any other teams come close to this score in the T20 World Cup?

Answer: Yes, England scored 230/8 against South Africa in 2016, which is the second-highest score in the tournament’s history.

Q.4 How often are scores above 200 achieved in T20 World Cup matches?

Answer: Scores above 200 are relatively rare but have become more frequent with the evolution of the game and more aggressive batting strategies. There have been a handful of instances since the tournament’s inception in 2007.

Q.5 Does a high score guarantee a win in T20 World Cup matches?

Answer: While a high score improves a team’s chances of winning, it does not guarantee a victory. Cricket is unpredictable, and matches where teams have scored over 200 runs have also seen dramatic chases and close finishes.

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