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T20 World Cup 2024 Ball Price

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You’ve probably watched many T20 cricket matches, but have you ever wondered about the price of the T20 World Cup ball and why only white balls are used in these games? The white ball used in the T20 World Cup has special features not found in other balls.

Cricket matches come in different formats, such as T20, One-Day, Test, and Day-Night. Usually, red balls are used for Test matches, while white balls are used for One-Day and T20 matches.

Two companies in India make the T20 World Cup ball: Kookaburra and SG. For the 2024 T20 World Cup, balls from these companies will be used. Interestingly, the price of the T20 World Cup cricket ball is much lower than that of the World Cup stump.

T20 World Cup Ball Price

In the World Cup, the balls used most frequently come from two major companies: Kookaburra and SG. Each company’s balls have different price points due to varying features and manufacturing processes.

The SG company ball is priced at Rs 4,000. This ball is known for its quality and durability, making it a popular choice among players and organizers.

On the other hand, the Kookaburra ball is significantly more expensive, costing around Rs 12,000. Kookaburra balls are renowned for their consistent performance and are widely used in international cricket matches, which justifies their higher price.

Additionally, there’s a special type of ball called the smart ball. This ball incorporates advanced technology to provide real-time data on various aspects of the game, such as speed, spin, and impact. The smart ball is priced at three times more than the SG and Kookaburra balls, reflecting its innovative features and the cutting-edge technology embedded within it.

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Overall, while SG and Kookaburra balls are essential for standard World Cup matches, the smart ball offers a glimpse into the future of cricket with its advanced capabilities, albeit at a much higher cost.

Which Ball is Used in the 2024 T20 World Cup?

You’ve likely noticed that cricket uses two types of balls: white and red. However, in the World Cup, only white balls are used.

White balls are also used in all IPL and ODI matches. The main reason for using white balls in these games is their high visibility under the bright yellow floodlights.

This is why all IPL and T20 matches now use white balls. Interestingly, the white balls used in the IPL often contain a microchip, known as a smart ball.

Which Company’s Ball Is Used in the T20 World Cup?

Are you aware of which company manufactures the ball used in the World Cup? Typically, two companies are prominently mentioned when it comes to making white cricket balls: Kookaburra and SG. Kookaburra, an Australian company, is renowned for producing high-quality cricket balls and is often the go-to choice for international matches, including the World Cup. SG, or Sanspareils Greenlands, is an Indian company also known for its cricket equipment, including balls used in domestic matches.

For the T20 World Cup 2024, the official white ball being used is made by Kookaburra. This choice aligns with the tradition of using Kookaburra balls in many international tournaments due to their consistent performance and durability. The Kookaburra white ball is specifically designed to maintain its color and seam integrity, which is crucial for visibility and performance in the fast-paced T20 format.

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T20 World Cup Ball Chip

You may have seen various cricket balls, but have you heard about the smart ball? The smart ball used in the IPL and T20 World Cup is different from the standard cricket ball. This innovative ball has been used in both the IPL and the World Cup. Let’s explore its unique features.

A smart ball contains a microchip inside it. This microchip activates when the ball is in motion, whether it’s delivered by the bowler, hits the bat and goes to the boundary, or is caught by a fielder. As long as the ball is moving, the chip remains active. This technology allows us to track the speed of the ball and provides data on whether the ball has made contact with the bat.

World Cup Ball – Smart Ball

We’ve previously discussed the smart ball and its microchip that records the ball’s speed. Let’s explore some additional features of this innovative ball.

When the ball leaves the bowler’s hand, the microchip records its speed. It also tracks the ball’s speed when it hits the ground and reaches the batsman. This helps in analyzing the ball’s speed throughout its trajectory.

During DRS (Decision Review System) reviews, the smart ball makes it easier to determine if the ball has hit the bat before reaching the wicketkeeper. Typically, it can be challenging to identify whether the ball touched the bat before reaching the keeper. However, the chip in the smart ball provides precise data to clarify this.

All the ball’s movements are monitored via an application in the control room. The chip’s battery lasts up to 8 hours, ensuring continuous data collection during matches.

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1.Why are white balls used in T20 and One-Day matches instead of red balls?

White balls are used in T20 and One-Day matches primarily for their high visibility under bright yellow floodlights. This ensures that players and spectators can easily see the ball during night games.

2.What are the main differences between the SG and Kookaburra balls used in the T20 World Cup?

The SG ball, priced at Rs 4,000, is known for its quality and durability, making it a popular choice in domestic matches. The Kookaburra ball, costing around Rs 12,000, is renowned for its consistent performance and is widely used in international cricket matches.

3.What is a smart ball, and what makes it different from standard cricket balls?

A smart ball contains a microchip that activates when the ball is in motion. This microchip tracks various data points, such as speed, spin, and impact. It provides real-time data on the ball’s performance, which is particularly useful during DRS reviews and for analyzing the game.

4.How long does the battery of the smart ball’s microchip last?

The battery of the microchip installed in the smart ball lasts up to 8 hours, ensuring continuous data collection throughout a match. This allows for detailed tracking and analysis of the ball’s movements and performance.

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