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Nicholas Pooran Most Sixes in T20 World Cup

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Nicholas Pooran has been one of the most affected players in the fast and fickle domain of T20 cricket characterized by quick runs and big hitting. Lifting his feet in the powerplay, well-settled and a hitter – Pooran stands in the list of the most feared T20 batsmen in the world. He is an asset to his team for winning because of hitting sixes which has been exciting for fans and has set records in T20 International World Cup. 

Well, did you know cricket betting on T20 matches has become prominent among the fans. Therefore, in this article we will be discussing Nicholas Pooran most sixes in T20 world cup 2024 and history.  

Most Sixes in T20 World Cup 2024  

Nicholas Pooran’s 104-run victory against Afghanistan in St. Lucia opener shattered important six hitting records with an amazing 53-balls 98. This knock became the historical one for Pooran and he entered the list of most sixes’ players in T20 cricket taking into consideration 500 sixes. 

He scored six fours and eight sixes in the last group-stage match and steered the West Indies to what was the highest score of the tournament. This crushing victory also meant that the West Indies had recorded the second hundred plus margin win in this edition of the competition.

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In the 2024 T20 world cup, Pooran has nothing but an extraordinary time. He has beaten the earlier record of most sixes in the T20 World Cup 2024 as he hit 17 of these in this tournament while demonstrating the same touch of getting rid of the boundary. He is equally useful in his squad because of the ferocious approach to batting and capacity to score the utmost number of runs. 

Most Sixes in T20 World Cup History By Nicholas Pooran

Nicholas Pooran had the most sixes in World Cup history and sets the record hitting 23 sixes in 15 matches. This would make it possible for him to complete this list of records between 2007 and 2022 inclusive thus having a record of six hits.  

Therefore, this has brought joy to the hearts of many cricket fanatics while advancing the performance of Pooran’s team through the common impression he brought into the game that sees him clear the boundary often. He has attained one of the hardest hitting batsmen of T20 cricket owing to his dynamism in hitting and strategic approach to the game thus challenging the newcomers. 

In the year 2023, Nicholas Pooran record in T20 International, was highlight. In 13 games, 384 runs, an average of 29.53 and a strike rate of 162.71. He made 26 fours and 27 sixes; his highest knock was 82Poorafailed to crack a hundred, but he registered two fifties, equally showing he has a steady ability to add seed to the team’s total. 

Nicholas Pooran’s Journey in Cricket World: From Rising Star to Six Hitting Legend 

Being truly talented and hardworking, Nicholas Pooran achieved a lot in cricket. Pooran is a Trinidad and Tobago born cricketer, who has made his entry into youth & regional cricket comparatively at a newer level. He was selected at the International Cricket Council Under-19 Cricket World Cup, 2014 for which his aggressive batting came into existence. 

Pooran was also able to have a good recovery and get a place in the West Indies senior team. Among other achievements he almost had his cricketing career cut short by a serious vehicle accident. It is not enough to point to specific players, as talented middle-order batter evolved into an irreplaceable player in T20 cricket because of the aggressive approach and capacity to hit boundaries. 

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It is for this reason that Pooran earned his six hitting at the 2024 T20 International World Cup. Speaking of 15 matches, he dispatched 23 sixes, the highest in the case of those made during 2007 to 2022. This was evidenced by his match defining knock of 98 off 53 balls inclusive of eight ‘sixes’ and 6 fours to Afghanistan. 

Therefore, Nicholas Pooran is an important figure in modern T20 cricket due to the latter’s evolution from a young new talent to the modern-day six-hitter. 

Wrapping Up 

For excellent power-striking ability and the boost in his team’s batting, Nicholas Pooran set the record of maximum sixes in the T20 International World Cup. His game explains that he is the master of the shortest format of cricket and adapts a regular boundary while creating pressure to the opposite team. 

Besides, this achievement is beneficial for Pooran to prove his ability, and at the same time, set a precedent for future players who want to perform well in T20 cricket. This satisfaction goes to his admirers and presents an encouraging example of what a single player can do in an international competition.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

1.Who holds the record for the most sixes in T20 International World Cup?

 Nicholas Pooran holds the record for the most sixes in T20 World Cup.  

2.In which tournament did Nicholas Pooran achieve the record for most sixes?

In T20 International World Cup Nicholas Pooran achieved the record for the most sixes.    

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