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Yashasvi Jaiswal: IPL’s Emerging Sensation

Yashasvi Jaiswal

Indian cricket player Yashasvi Jaiswal was born on December 28, 2001, and is well-known for his prolific batting and bright future. Jaiswal is a Mumbai native who became well-known for his age-group cricket accomplishments, especially in the Under-19 league. Apart from this, you’ll also see Yashasvi Jaiswal IPL 2024 price.  

Also, he made his league debut and displayed some great innings to show signs of promise. Because of his talent, Jaiswal was later selected for the Indian T20 League roster by the Rajasthan Royals. As a result, the Rajasthan franchise paid Rs 4.00 Cr to hire Yashasvi Jaiswal for the IPL 2024. 

Yashasvi Jaiswal Career  

From his Under-19 days, Yashasvi Jaiswal has come to incorporate fearlessness and a strong batting approach, to which he has also managed to add consistency, as his record in the IPL and domestic cricket for Mumbai in the early 2020s shows. Thus, he came into cricketing as a young cricketer. 

At the young age of 12, Jaiswal moved from rural Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai for his cricket journey. He slept in tents and sold paani puri to earn pocket money. When Jwala Singh, a local coach, took him under his wing two years later, Jaiswal’s career began to take off.    

Top Statistics of Yashasvi Jaiswal   

Batting and Fielding Statistics 

  M  Inn  NO  Runs  HS  Avg  BF  SR  100  200  50  4s  6s 
Test  9  16  1  1028  214  68.53  1467  70.07  3  2  4  108 
T20I  17  16  1  502  100  33.47  310  161.94  1  0  4  55 
IPL  45  45  2  1397  124  32.49  931  150.05  2  0  8  171 

Bowling and Fielding Statistics

  M  Inn  B  Runs  Wkts  BBI  BBM  Econ  Avg  SR  5W  10W 
Test  9  1  6  6  0  0/6  0/6  6  0  0  0 
T20I  17  1  6  11  0  0/11  0/11  11  0  0  0 
IPL  45  1  1  6  0  0/6  0/6  0  0  0  0 

Yashasvi Jaiswal IPL Earning  

Yashasvi Jaiswal currently plays for the Rajasthan Royals RR team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), earning an annual salary of Rs 4 crore. As one of the important members of the team, he brings a dynamic combination of skills to the field, which makes him an asset to the team. 

IPL Auction Price History of Yashasvi Jaiswal  

Yashasvi Jaiswal’s IPL 2024 auction price reflects his journey as a talented cricket player in high demand. Jaiswal’s value has steadily increased in recent years, indicating his rising stature and impact on the game. He initially entered the IPL arena with a modest auction price. Yashasvi Jaiswal’s IPL price history illustrates the growing demand for his services, combining his significance in the league.    

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   

1.What is the age and cricketing background of Yashasvi Jaiswal?   

Answer-Yashasvi Jaiswal’s birthdate is December 28, 2001. After showcasing exceptional accomplishments in age-group cricket, he earned a selection for the Indian U-19 team. He is an Indian native from Mumbai.  

2.Yashasvi Jaiswal is a player for which IPL team? 

Answer-Yashasvi Jaiswal is a member of the IPL Rajasthan Royals team.  

3.Which of Yashasvi Jaiswal’s cricket accomplishments stand out?

Answer-In the 2020 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup, Yashasvi Jaiswal emerged as the top run-scorer, playing a key role in India’s victory. Notable innings in First-Class and List-A matches are among his many outstanding performances in domestic cricket achievements. 

4.What makes Yashasvi Jaiswal unique among cricket players?

Answer-Yashasvi Jaiswal’s outstanding batting skills, versatility, and capacity to perform well under duress make him an asset to whatever club he plays for. These qualities set him apart as a cricket player. 

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