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Who is Called as Mr. IPL and Why? 

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Every IPL fan must be wondering about this mystery guy! Who is called “Mr. IPL”? Well, he’s a player who has made a lasting impression on the game, particularly with the Chennai Super Kings.  

This player’s success has earned him the “Chinna Thala.” As we discuss about CSK, you can quickly go through the CSK lowest score in IPL here.   

However, consider the power hitters, all-rounders, and record-breaking wicket-takers. Who could it be? Chris Gayle, AB De Villiers, Lasith Malinga, David Warner or someone else?  

The race for “Mr. IPL” is on, but who has emerged as Mr. IPL?  

Mr. IPL: Suresh Raina Career Stats in the Indian Premier League  

Well, Suresh Raina is well-known in Indian cricket, particularly in the IPL and is known as the Mr. IPL 2024. Now you must be thinking, why is Raina called Mr. IPL? He started well in 2008, scoring runs and became an important player for the Chennai Super Kings.  

In numerous seasons, he scored over 400 runs and even passed 500 three times. Raina was the first to score 5000 IPL runs, demonstrating his brilliance and consistency. Suresh Raina, also known as “Mr IPL,” is a cricketer best recognized for his incredible achievements in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Moreover, he has been a fixture in the IPL for many years and is widely regarded as one of its most legendary players.  

Raina began his IPL career with a bang, scoring several runs for his team, the Chennai Super Kings. He’s been a consistent player, having scored over 400 runs in nine of his 13 seasons. In certain seasons, he even scored 500 runs, demonstrating his excellent batsmanship. 

Raina’s most memorable innings came in the 2014 IPL against the Punjab Kings. Despite his team’s defeat, Raina’s blazing knock of 87 runs off just 25 balls left an indelible effect on spectators. Aside from his batting ability, Raina is recognized for his agility on the field.  

He’s made some great catches and rescued several runs for his side throughout the years. Despite his recent problems, Raina remains a popular figure in Indian cricket. Fans continue to adore his efforts to the IPL and expect to see more of his magic on the field in the future. 

However, things changed in 2020, when he did not perform well and was forced to leave the IPL for personal reasons. His performance in 2021 was also not particularly impressive. As a result, when he went up for auction in 2022, no team selected him, including his former squad CSK.  

Despite his earlier accomplishments, organizations preferred younger players. Ultimately, he is Mr. IPL king.   

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Moving forward with his career stats in the Indian Premier League, here is the table. 





Strike Rate 










IPL Titles as a player 


IPL salary 

Rs. 11 crores 

The Most Significant Event in IPL History for Mr Suresh Raina   

Suresh Raina’s amazing century against the Punjab Kings stands out as one of his most memorable IPL performances. After Punjab set a massive goal of 226 runs, Raina stepped into bat and quickly began scoring heavily. He scored 50 runs in 17 balls, including some sixes.   

But his most famous moment was when he scored 33 runs in one over, including two sixes and five fours. Despite his outstanding effort, Raina was run out after scoring 87 runs off only 25 balls, including 12 fours and six sixes. Despite his excellent efforts, Chennai Super Kings were unable to win the match, and their IPL 2014 campaign ended.  

 Suresh Raina has been a steady player in the IPL, in addition to his impressive century against the Punjab Kings. He is well-known for his elegant batting and rapid scoring, and he frequently plays vital innings for his Chennai Super Kings. Raina’s quick field and ability to make spectacular catches have made him an invaluable member of his squad.  

Despite some difficulties in recent IPL seasons, Raina’s contributions to the league have been tremendous, garnering him the title of “Mr IPL.” Fans continue to respect his dedication to the game and expect more great performances from him in the future. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Q.1 Why is Suresh Raina nicknamed “Mr. IPL”?   

Because of his exceptional performances and consistency in the Indian Premier League.    

Q.2 How many seasons has Suresh Raina competed in the IPL?   

He participated in 13 IPL seasons.   

Q.3 What is Raina’s highest single-season IPL score?   

He scored 548 runs in the 2013 Indian Premier League.   

Q.4 Who was Raina’s last IPL team before the 2022 season?   

Raina played for the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.   

Q.5 What was Raina’s famous innings against the Punjab Kings noted for?   

Raina’s innings against Punjab Kings in IPL 2014 is remembered for his scorching knock of 87 runs off 25 balls. 

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