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Most Dot Balls in IPL 2024

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Fans are enjoying a lot of fours, sixes, and wickets in the 2018 IPL. Players are setting records. Bowlers have presented a serious threat to batters this season, as you may have seen. 

A few bowlers have shown to be nearly hard to score runs against. In T20 cricket, when points are crucial. In the IPL 2024, few bowlers are good at applying pressure on their opponents.  

Throughout the 2018 Indian Premier League season, spectators watched amazing fours, sixes, and wickets as players smashed numerous records. Bowlers became a serious threat to hitters as they demonstrated their ability to limit runs and claim vital wickets. Several bowlers apply pressure to opponents in the quick-paced T20 style where every run matters.  

Most Dot Balls in IPL Innings

In the 2024 Indian Premier League, some bowlers excelled in maintaining a tight line and length, making it challenging for batsmen to score freely. Because they have the potential to pressure the opposition team and open batting opportunities, bowlers are crucial to the success of their team in a match. 

Along with showing off their ability to deliver dot balls, these bowlers are skilled at changing their pace, line, and length to keep hitters off balance. The names of those players are important in IPL and further cemented by their capacity to adjust in various match settings and environments.  

Not only should the best bowlers with the most dot balls be highlighted, but there have been some other noteworthy IPL 2024 accomplishments as well, like record-breaking batting efforts, superb fielding efforts, and exciting last-over finishes. All these factors work together to create the excitement and charm of the Indian Premier League (IPL), drawing viewers from all over the world and solidifying its place as the world’s best T20 cricket league. 

The following is a list of the top five bowlers who have the most dot balls in IPL 2024. 

Bowlers Hold the Record for the Highest Number of (DBs)   

Trent Boult, (68)  

Trent Boult, a left-handed bowler from New Zealand, earns the moniker of the swing king. He presents a genuine threat to batsmen, who encounter numerous dot balls at the start of an over. This not only shows his skill in delivering dot balls but also his remarkable best bowling figures in IPL 2024. 

Kagiso Rabada (68)  

Aside from Rabada, another speedster on our list excels in sheer pace and variations against hitters. He has adeptly controlled the team’s run-scoring rhythm. His ability to restrict runs is advantageous to his team. Trent Boult’s efficiency shone through with his minimal runs in IPL 2024. 

Khaleel Ahmed (67)  

Left-arm pacer Khaleel Ahmed of the Delhi Capitals has been quite productive this year. The ball moves quickly and precisely, making it difficult for hitters to score runs. He has led the ball in most games.  

Jasprit Bumrah (66) 

Jasprit Bumrah poses a constant threat at the batting end of the gun and produces chaos. This consistency in length and pace makes it difficult for batsmen, so they often play conservative strokes and slow the run rate.  

Tushar Deshpande (60)  

Tushar Deshpande is leading the way. He uses ball spins when in the air, which is a vital tool in his armoury and is largely responsible for his success. Batting players usually try to decide their many variations.   

Most Dot Balls in IPL History  

With an amazing total of 1596 dot balls, Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled the most in IPL history. Bowler has bagged 174 wickets in 167 innings with an economy of 7.52 and an exceptional average of 26.90. 

Player  Innings  Wickets  Economy  Dot Balls 
Bhuvneshwar Kumar  161  170  7.42  1600 
R Ashwin  194  171  7.01  1517 
Sunil Narine  162  164  6.72  1512 
Harbhajan Singh  160  150  7.07  1312 
Piyush Chawla  181  180  7.91  1297 

Most Dot Balls in IPL 2023-2008  

In the IPL from 2008 to 2023, some bowlers were good at stopping runs with loads of dot balls. Thanks to their perfect line and length they put pressure on batters and created chances for taking wickets. 

Throughout the IPL’s 2008–2023 existence, several bowlers have become experts at preventing runs from being scored by using a lot of dot balls. Their perfect length and line put batsmen under constant strain, frequently leading to wickets. These bowlers demonstrated incredible diversity in their bowling arsenal, using variations in pace, spin, and movement to confound opponents, even beyond their ability to deliver dot balls. Conversely, certain batsmen have faced the challenge of dealing with the most dot balls played by a batsman in IPL history. 

Furthermore, they were tremendous additions to their respective teams because of their strategic thinking and comprehension of game circumstances, which enabled them to perform well under pressure. Their steady performances were crucial in determining the results of matches and competitions, in addition to being a major factor in their success. 

These bowlers also gained popularity among the public due to their ability to control the game’s flow and their impressive performances on the field. Their influence went beyond statistical records, motivating upcoming generations of cricket players and permanently altering the IPL’s history.  

The contributions of these bowlers will always be remembered by cricket fans as the IPL develops and gains international prominence, bearing witness to their unwavering excellence in the most prominent T20 competition in the sport. 

Finding the best dot balls in all the IPL seasons, we’ll also reveal the bowlers who have taken the most wickets in IPL throughout the competition.  

Rank  Player  Innings  Wickets  Dots 
1  Bhuvneshwar Kumar  160  170  1534 
2  Sunil Narine  161  163  1478 
3  Ravichandran Ashwin  194  171  1477 
4  Piyush Chawla  180  179  1272 
5  Harbhajan Singh  160  150  1268 
6  Amit Mishra  161  173  1186 
7  Ravindra Jadeja  197  152  1159 
8  Lasith Malinga  122  170  1155 
9  Umesh Yadav  140  136  1147 
10  Yuzvendra Chahal  144  187  1129 

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

1.Who among the bowlers in the IPL has bowled the most dot balls thus far?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar holds the record for bowling the most dot balls in IPL 2024, which is 1534. 

2.What does the IPL’s Green Dot Ball represent?  

In every IPL playoff match, we believed that every dot ball bowled would result in the planting of 500 trees. 

3.What do the IPL’s “dot balls” mean?  

A bowler’s delivery that results in no runs being scored by the batsman is referred to as a “dot ball.”  

4.Why do dot balls matter in the Indian Premier League? 

Dot balls are important because they put more strain on the batting team, limit their ability to score runs, and provide the bowling team the opportunity to take wickets. 

5.What effect do dot balls have on an IPL team’s performance?  

By slowing down the run rate, increasing pressure on the batting team, and enhancing bowling effectiveness overall, dot balls have a big impact on how IPL matches turn out.  

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