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CSK Lowest Score in IPL


Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have a rich and distinguished history in Twenty20 cricket, evidenced by an abundance of records that highlight their supremacy in the league. Since their debut in the Indian Premier League (IPL), CSK has repeatedly upped the standard of performance and established milestones. Their record for the most playoff appearances in the Indian Premier League highlights their exceptional reliability and resilience. Despite this, some teams like Kolkata Knight RidersRajasthan RoyalsRoyal Challengers Bangalore and CSK have the highest powerplay score in IPL. 

However, the CSK team captained by the legendary MS Dhoni, is the current batting and bowling record holder for the most wickets a bowler took in a single season and the greatest team total. Being one of the most successful franchises in T20 cricket history is a testament to their ability to develop talent and foster a winning culture. With a devoted following and a custom. Today, we’ll cover the topic of cricket records for Chennai Super Kings in T20 matches.   

Cricket Records for Chennai Super Kings in T20 matches

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have made a lasting impression on the Indian Premier League (IPL) with their resolute perseverance and steady performances. CSK has not only excelled on the field but also set new standards for excellence in Twenty20 cricket because of the shrewd leadership of MS Dhoni.  

Their accomplishments transcend numbers; they are living examples of tenacity and fortitude. Fans and rivals alike respect and admire CSK for their ability to perform well under duress and recover from failures.  

CSK is firmly backed by a fervent supporter referred to as the “Yellow Army.” Their unshakable devotion and passionate applause during games have come to represent CSK’s brand, which only serves to increase the team’s motivation to succeed.  

To put it briefly, the lowest score by CSK in IPL T20 records highlights their on-field accomplishments and their ongoing reputation as one of the most prestigious teams in the sport’s history. Similarly, CSK’s lowest 1st innings score in the IPL stands at 79 runs. 

CSK’s success has been greatly attributed to its cohesive approach and team mentality. Their players, who include both seasoned veterans and up-and-coming talent, have skillfully combined to build a strong team that can overcome any obstacle.  

Chennai Super Kings Lowest Score in IPL T20 Tournament   

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are a team that plays better than average in the Indian Premier League (IPL), but not always. As CSK team scores in IPL sometimes do not favour them. 

They once faced the Mumbai Indians in a difficult game during the 2014 season. CSK only managed 79 runs because of their poor batting performance. This was CSK’s lowest score in the IPL 

It demonstrated that terrible days happen to even the best teams. But CSK has a reputation for coming back stronger from setbacks. The overall lowest score of CSK in IPL all-time is ultimate.  

It serves as a reminder that anything can happen in cricket, which is why fans find the sport thrilling. Thus, the top 10 lowest scores in IPL history will make you amaze.  

Note that cricket is an uncertain game. Even the best teams, like CSK, have bad moments. What counts most, though, is how they handle these difficulties. CSK has a track record of overcoming adversity and demonstrating its tenacity and will.  

Therefore, even with the lowest score in the IPL scorecard of CSK, there’s only a little setback. In the future, supporters may anticipate witnessing them recover and delight us with their thrilling brand of cricket.

Chennai Super Kings T20 matches team’s lowest innings 

Score Against Date Result 
79 MI 5 May 2013 MI Won by 60 Runs 
97 MI 12 May 2022 MI Won by 5 Wickets 
109 RR 4 May 2008 RR Won by 8 Wickets 
109 MI 26 Apr 2019 MI Won by 46 Runs 
110/8 DC 10 Apr 2012 DC Won by 8 Wickets 
112/8 RCB 21 May 2008 RCB Won by 14 Runs 
112/9 DC 15 Apr 2010 DC Won by 6 Wickets 
112 MI 4 Apr 2012 MI Won by 8 Wickets 
114/4 KKR 7 May 2011 KKR Won by 60 Runs 
114/9 MI 23 Oct 2020 MI Won by 10 Wickets 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Q.1 In an IPL T20 encounter, what is the lowest score that Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have ever achieved?  

In IPL T20 matches, CSK’s lowest score is 79 runs.  

Q.2 Which IPL team has made the most playoff appearances?

The team with the most appearances in the IPL playoffs is Chennai Super Kings (CSK).  

Q.3 Who is the Chennai Super Kings’ (CSK) captain?

The captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is MS Dhoni.

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