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Is Indibet Legal in India

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Is Indibet Legal in India?

We at Indibet are fully licensed and regulated by Curacao Gaming, which is supported by the Government of Curacao. The Curacao Gaming license is one of the most well-known e-gaming licenses globally, and it is used by over 450 online gambling sites. This licensing authority was established to ensure that all operators, including us, follow the required regulations and adhere to a set code of conduct.

Why is Indibet Legal in India?

The company can legally operate in some states in India for several reasons:

  • Compliance with Local Rules: We can operate in states where online gambling is not banned by local laws.
  • Licensing: Our management company is registered in Curacao and holds the necessary license. This ensures that we meet certain standards and rules, and offer fair play.
  • Skill-Based Games: In some states, games that rely more on skill than chance are treated differently under the law. By offering these types of games, Indibet can operate in states where skill-based games are legal.

In Which State Indibet is Allowed and Banned?

Gambling laws in India vary by state and there isn’t a single national law for online betting. The main law for gambling in the country is the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which was created before the internet existed, so it doesn’t cover online gambling specifically. While some states have their own laws for gambling, others still use the old Gambling Act of 1867.

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Is Indibet Legal in Telangana?

Telangana strictly prohibits online gambling, including betting. According to the Telangana Gaming (Amendment) Ordinance of 2017, online gambling and betting are illegal within the state. Therefore, platforms like Indibet may be considered illegal in Telangana.

Is Indibet Legal in Andhra Pradesh?

Similar to Telangana, Andhra Pradesh has tough laws against online gambling. The Andhra Pradesh Gaming (Amendment) Ordinance of 2020 limits various online gambling and betting activities. Thus, Indibet and other online betting sites are likely to be restricted in Andhra Pradesh.

Is Indibet Legal in Karnataka?

Currently, Karnataka does not have strict laws against online gambling. The Karnataka State Supreme Court overturned the Karnataka Police (Amendment) Act of 2021, which had banned all gambling activities, in February 2022. Now, games based on skill are permitted in the state. Therefore, Indibet is not considered a banned site in Karnataka.

At Indibet, we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable betting experience through our app, backed by a Curacao Gaming license. We operate legally where allowed, such as in Karnataka, and comply with local laws to ensure we respect regulations in each state. However, we do not operate in states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, where online betting is prohibited. We encourage our users to understand and follow their local gambling laws and enjoy our services responsibly where permitted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Indibet?

 Answer: Indibet is a betting platform that offers various sports betting options through an app, licensed and regulated by Curacao Gaming.

  1. Is Indibet legal in India? 

Answer: Indibet operates legally in some states of India where online gambling is not prohibited by local laws. The platform’s legality varies by state due to differing gambling regulations.

  1. Where is Indibet not allowed in India?

 Answer: Indibet is not allowed in states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, where local laws strictly prohibit online gambling and betting.

      4.In which states is Indibet considered legal?

 Answer: Indibet is legal in states like Karnataka, where the law permits skill-based games, and other states that have not explicitly banned online betting. 

  1. How does Indibet ensure compliance with Indian laws?

 Answer: Indibet adheres to local regulations by offering services only in states where online betting is legal. Additionally, the platform’s operations are backed by a license from Curacao Gaming, ensuring that it meets certain standards and offers fair play.

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